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This is What Most People Visualize When the Word Limo Comes To Mind

The stretch limo is officially the most popular type of limo. It tends to be popular with an older audience as opposed to the limos of choice for high school students planning homecoming and prom.With all the new types of limos, standard stretch limos are slowly faltering out of the industry, however at this time they remain the most popular limo and the most rented. Many people don’t know this, but sometimes a stretch limousine can cost the same price as a regular sedan limo. So the next time you hire a car to pick you up from the airport or wherever you may be to bring you to your destination, check into stretch limo prices. You just may be able to add a little luxury without much of a price difference!

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The Good Old Fashioned Limousine

Classic limousines are decorated beautifully and are a blast from the past. The classic limo company or car hire is typically used for more formal events, such as a wedding or very important occasion, as opposed to a standard birthday, night on the town, or airport rental. Because of their elegance, they make a statement that represents class, style, and tradition. Many limo companies offer a classic vehicle, and there are limo companies that specialize in classic limousines, traditional car for hire, hot rod limos and elegant formal chauffered services with past inspired limo designs. Like other limos, a classic limousine comes in a wide distribtion of colors, from white to pink to black and silver, as well as a vast variety of different brands.

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