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Becoming a Registered Nurse

Essential School of Nursing RN program is designed for registered nurses who have earned an Associate Degree in Nursing. All courses and required community clinical project will be completed in your local area. Our program offers direction from faculties that have first-hand knowledge of experience specific to this curriculum or have participated in online educational experiences. The program exposes students to a broad range of nursing subjects from community health, critical care, research, and assessment. Upon completion of their program, the student should be able to: Practice using caring, compassionate, culturally competent, and evidence-based practices in the roles of the baccalaureate nurse using the nursing process to provide patient/client-centered care in a variety of healthcare settings. Use a broad base of techniques to communicate effectively with clients, families, healthcare teams, and communities. Use critical thinking and decision making, local, state, national, and global policies, legislative concepts, and healthcare economics to affect quality healthcare and the evolving healthcare system. Integrate knowledge and skills in nursing leadership and management, quality improvement, and patient safety, as required, to provide healthcare. Integrate knowledge and skills to promote health and prevent disease across the lifespan and the continuum of healthcare environments. Practice professionalism, including the inherent values of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice. Formulate a professional ethic that includes lifelong learning and continuous professional development in an ever-evolving healthcare environment. Think critically at a conceptual level and by using mathematical analysis as well as the scientific method, write and speak effectively, use basic computer applications, and understand human behavior in the context of the greater society in a culturally diverse world.

Becoming a Registered Nurse